I am a nobody, at least that’s what some people think.

I am somebody, at most that’s how my people see me.

With these views, I had to make a distinction as to what matters more between them and us.

I had to make a choice about what keeps me sane.


I need a sense of belonging.

I need a place I can always run to.

I need inspiration.

I need perspective on how can I on some things relate to.
Can you be the place where I can resurrect my soul?

Can you make me believe again?

Can I bring my life to you to shape again?

Can I be a friend without having to fake a smile every now and then?
Will I still feel your presence even when you’re not around?

Will what you teach me be more education than it can be schooling?

Will I grow everyday by your lessons when you retire?

Will you please not leave me when I betray you?

If you agree, we can combine the ghetto and “gelt” to take action.

And we’ll build the biggest community and call it the GeltonNation.

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