Until We Live a Dream, We Can’t Truly Live

Everyday we dream, 

and Everyday we die. 

We die a smiling death, 

A type of death which brings us followers along the way. 
Since when has a dream been ever prescribed? 

Since when has a dream been a duplicate of someone else’s?

Do our dreams really have to be within certain limits which society sets for us?

Are we living a dream or just following a path which is said to have “good rewards” at the end? 
If dreams are prescribed, then we are no different from robots. 

If we keep chasing what we were told was right, we are no different from the hypnotized. 

The desire to fall within a trend makes us pawns to somebody’s game.c

Have we ever stopped for a moment and asked, with everything that I have achieved and proud of, what is it that set me apart from the rest?….
Until we can live a dream, we can’t truly live.

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