Hi, please listen if you may….

I am of a generation of trends, where everyone is trying by all means to be relevant and loosing their souls in the process. Fitting in is probably what many of us struggle with these days. In the midst of it all, no one really wants to stand out because they may be rejected. It is very strange how the fear of rejection is more important that a person living to their full potential. One would rather quit everything if they think they society will not welcome it.

Society has this tendency of setting up rules of how one must live their lives when in actuality, the same society does not have a life of its own. Society starts by teaching you that we are all unique and special and society tells you that you are most probably on drugs when you are more ambitious than others. Society tells you we are all equal and then society prefers others to be superior by color to others. Society assures you about freedom of speech but when you feel oppressed by authority and voice out your frustrations, depending on how you look like, you can be a hero or a terrorist. Just because you do not agree/follow certain norms of society, you already have a label. An example from where I’m from, a lady stronger than a man is called “unongayindoda”, I cannot explain it properly in another language. I am sure you may have some examples of your own about going against society.

Because we grew up with things the way they are, who are we to come and change what has already been there? Just because those who ask us such are so influential in our lives, we then tend to step back and submit.

And slavery is submission to a dominant influence. If what surrounds you has no influence in you what so ever, you are not a slave.

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