Please Don’t Relate!

Ever been with loved ones, but they only seem like loud ones? 

Ever been in a support group, yet your views are not supported? 

When you thought you have your rain coat on, never realized it had holes. 

Its hot outside, you have your heater on and then its cold outside, you have your aircon on. 
A person you hate can never hurt you, and yet the person you allow yourself to love can be the one to break you. 

Everything is about you when you break, nothing is credited to you when they take.

You are in an open space full of people, however, the walls around you block your sunshine. 

People busy asking you for advice and you give them good one, but deep inside you’re still gasping for a lifeline. 
You don’t give in, you a rock. 

You won’t cry, you so strong. 

This is not a complaint. 

This is just acknowledgement. 

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