The world needs a savior and you are the perfect candidate. There is a reason that we are still alive and there might be a reason that the world is dying because we are not doing our part.

This is neither a guide to show you your path nor a road to your liberation. This is the GeltonNation (GN). A few people have already asked what is the GN all about, and there has not been a clear answer to that. That is because there is no clear answer to what needs saving and what doesn’t, therefore as long as you feel like you feel as if you are doing a lil of good, you’ve done your part of saving. The GN seeks to adopt that kind of mentality (i.e. if you are doing your part of helping out, you are the GN yourself).

We live in a world where there is ill-treatment of others, ill-health, lack of education and a lot of suffering in general. However, in every situation, there is always a privileged group of persons. No one is always at the receiving end of the suffering, so that means one is sometimes found at a somewhat superior place where they can lend a helping hand. The question is, what will you do when in that superior position? Will you turn a blind eye? It does not really matter how much you do, but as the saying goes “it is the thought that counts”. Maybe liberation in everything does not rely on government officials but on how we handle situations we are faced with.

As said before, there is no proper definition of what doing good is, but if you have a conscience, you will know what to do.

We do not know where GN will take us, but this is a creation of a platform where we can inspire the nation in whatever way possible. The inspiration can be physical or intellectual, for us, that is all we are asking for.

And if by any chance, the way you look at things was changed or saw something new in any post on this site, it means the site is doing its part.


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