Breaking out

Strength is in my mind, not these chains

Control is in my hands, not these strings

I am not restricted, I am just temporarily impeded

My destiny is not denied, it is momentarily delayed

I was fed just enough information, inorder to conform and be “a yes man”

And this paralyzes the brain and it tends to function as that one of a slave

They taught, structured and bribed me into thinking a certain way

So that I live to please their way and living my dream is not the way

They was scared of the power I posses, hence I was tazed

They just could not stand a being different from them taking centre stage

They would rather settle for mediocre of their own than the sight of my face

So they put measures in place for me and my own to never think that we can ever be king

Their system was good because today, it works still

For long I never questioned it and thought what was wrong was what I did

I looked at myself and questioned how stupid have I been?

Now I see the mirror and see all the power invested in me

However, they slipped up

They slipped up and forgot to limit me from accessing information

Now I’m unlearning what they taught me and getting myself proper education

Their schools, TV’s and radios are no longer enough ammunition for the deception

Now with their slip up, my freedom and breaking out is an accomplishable mission

I am breaking out…

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